As Scientists, we have the unique opportunity of inspiring critical thinking and dialogue in the Society. Our efforts in communication can foster the understanding of novel and complex discoveries, which are of fundamental importance for societal development. Moreover, our obligation to the public is in explaining the stewardship of the public funds used to support us.

2017 June: An other piece in the puzzle of CRISPR-Cas9


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2017 March: Anticancer drug gets a boost with antirheumatic 


Molecular dynamics and X-ray crystallography have discovered that combining an anticancer drug with an antirheumatic produces improved effects against tumors. The discovery opens a new path for drug-drug synergy. 

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2016 September: Supercomputers reveal acrobatics of CRISPR-Cas9

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2016 June: The RNA that snips and stitches RNA


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2015 December: Metal Drugs to Fight Cancer

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