Education & Research Experience

2016 – present. Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Advanced post-doctoral fellow in biophysics and integrative computational modeling at the University of California San Diego (USA). Advisor: Prof. J. Andrew McCammon

2013, October – 2015, December. Postdoctoral scientist in computational chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – EPF Lausanne (Switzerland). Advisor: Prof. U. Roethlisberger

2013, April. PhD in Computational Drug Discovery from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genova (Italy). Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) Graduate Fellow.  Advisor: Dr. M. De Vivo

2009, March. Master Degree summa cum laude in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies. University of Salerno (Italy)

Competitive Funding

2015, December. Advanced post-doctoral research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (~$100,000) and gender equality grant (~$4,000) with participation to the EMBO Laboratory Management Course: Communication & negotiation for female leaders. 14-16 September 2016 (DE)

2011, March. PhD mobility grant (~12,000 €) from the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) for spending 18 months at EPFL, working with U. Rothlisberger and M. Dal Peraro. 

2010, January. Graduate student fellowship from the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) (~50,000 €). 

Honors and Awards

2017, November. HPCwire Editors’ Award for Best Use of High Performance Computing (HPC) Application in Life Sciences:

2017, February. First place prize at the 2017 Art and Science image contest to the 61st Biophysical Society meeting, New Orleans (LA, USA)

2015, February. Travel award from the Biophysical Society’s Committee for Professional Opportunities for Women. Baltimore (MD, USA)

2014, July. Award from the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM). Summer school on Electronic Structure Theory for Materials and (Bio)Molecules, University of California Los Angeles

2011, February. Award from the Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Molécolaire (CECAM). School on Hybrid Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics (QMMM) approaches to biochemistry, Lausanne (CH)

Grants for Computational Resources

2017, September. Awarded 30,110 Service Units (~$7,000) on GPU supercomputer resources of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) resources of the National Science Foundation (NSF)

2016, November. Awarded 225,000 MD Simulation Units (~$190,000) on ANTON-2, the world fastest supercomputer, donated by D.E. Shaw Research to the the National Research Council (NRC)

2016, July. Awarded 1,573,193.0 Service Units (~$130,000) on CPU & GPU supercomputers of XSEDE (NSF)

2015, July. Awarded 6.3 million core hours on CPUs by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE, 11th call).

2012-2014. Key contribution in the awarded PRACE projects (PI. Dr. De Vivo), resulting in 13.9 million core hours (8th call) and 5 million core hours (5th call) on the Curie supercomputer (FR).

Referee activity 

Reviewer for several international journals, such as the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Nature Chemistry, the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, PLoS One, Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, PCCP

Teaching and mentoring

2017, present. Teaching the seminar course “Integrative structural and computational biophysics” at the Thurgood Marshall College (UCSD)

2017, present. Mentor of Ramces Gonzales (UCSD), Yibei Jiang (UCSD), Lorenzo Casalino (SISSA, IT)

2016. Mentor of Thibaud von Erlach (EPFL).

2015. Mentor of Huan Francisco Bada (Oxford University) and Ashwin Thampi (EPFL)

Conference organization and service

2018, September. Organizer of the workshop Frontiers and challenges of computing metals for biochemical, medical and technological applications”  Paris (FR), funded by CECAM (~12,000 €).

2018, August. Organizer of the “CRYO meets COMP: new frontiers in flexible fitting, image processing and refinement of cryo-EM data” symposium at the forthcoming 256th ACS national meeting in Boston. 

2018, April. Oranizer of the “Women make COMP” symposium at the forthcoming 2018 ACS meeting in New Orleans, funded by the American Chemical Society ($5000 USD). 

2016, February. Chair with Prof. A. Dickson at the 60th Biophysical Society meeting (Los Angeles, USA) for the Protein Small Molecule Interaction session


Nationality: Italian

Languages: Italian, German, French and English (all fluent). I also enjoy reading  philosophy and literature in Latin and ancient Greek.

Hobbies: I play classical music (spanish guitar and piano) and I love painting and visiting art expositions. I enjoy reading about history and philosophy (favorite books: Narcissus and Goldmund, H. Hesse; Ethics, Demonstrated in Geometrical Order, B. Spinoza; The Republic, Plato). Besides, I relax doing outgoing sports like swimming, climbing, trekking, biking …