Giulia Palermo is a computational biophysicist with expertise in molecular simulations. She is starting her lab as an Assistant Professor at the University of California Riverside, in the department of Bioengineering, where she aims at establishing a vibrant research program, interfacing computational biophysics with structural biology, chemistry and biochemistry.

She is a native of Italy where she earned her PhD in 2013 from the Italian Institute of Technology, working in the group of Dr. Marco De VivoShe has been an early post-doctoral scientist in the group of Prof. Ursula Rothlisberger at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), where she earned expertise in ab-initio molecular dynamics (MD) methods and in their application to biological systems. 

In 2016, she has been awarded a Swiss National Science Foundation post-doctoral fellowship to join the group of Prof. J. Andrew McCammon at the University of California San Diego. Her work has clarified the mechanistic action of biological systems of key importance, with studies on chromatin structure and dynamics, enzymatic function and ribozyme catalysis. She independently developed new research programs, clarifying the molecular basis of emerging genome editing technologies. This research has been published in high-impact journals, such as PNAS, Nat Commmun, JACS, Acc Chem Res, Angew Chem, PLoS Comp Biol and others.

Visit her Research page and watch movies of molecular simulations